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Dr. Jonathan Threlfall

Senior Pastor

Trinity Baptist Church


Mike Kingsley
Director of

Educational Ministries


Tori Camp
Elementary Supervisor


Dean Setzler
Academic Administrator


Welcome to your first look into Trinity Christian School. We trust that your viewing of this website aids you in understanding our school, its mission, and its operation. It has been well stated that to educate a mind without educating the heart is really not a true education. At TCS we seek to educate both the mind and the heart. Our goal is to help hearts understand our greatest opportunity is to use the lives God has given us to make his name great in this earth. This also requires we challenge the mind. TCS offers a challenging course of study aimed at engaging student’s minds. We are a regionally accredited, college preparatory institution designed to train students spiritually, academically, and socially for lifelong service to Christ.

It is our desire to partner with parents as they train their children after God’s Word and who seek to raise children that will capably engage our culture for Christ. While this website may give you a quick look into our school, we encourage you to call the school office to set up a visit.

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