The mission of the TCS School Board is to advance quality Christian education by providing leadership, direction, and support to the principal of the school. A school board composed of representative members and organizational members governs Trinity Christian School. Representative members must be members of Trinity Baptist Church who are knowledgeable in professional education, ministry, or business and demonstrate a passion for Christian education.

Organizational members are ex officio members such as the school’s treasurer, supervisors, principals, and deacon and pastoral representatives. The School Board will operate according to its by-laws, as determined by the Trinity Baptist Church Board of Deacons.

The Trinity Christian School Board

Organizational Members

Representative Members

Jon Richardson – Treasurer
Mike Kingsley – Administrator

Dean Setzler — Academic Administrator
Tori Camp – Elementary Supervisor

Steve LeSage Chair

Kim Bult Vice Chair

Jonathan Woetzel — Secretary

Claire Hall

Christina Lamphere