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Academic material is presented from a distinctively Christian approach founded upon God’s Word and the importance of a biblical worldview. Teachers lovingly seek to see the heart nurtured and the mind exercised to develop students who are wise stewards of the abilities their Creator has entrusted to them.

During the Elementary years, TCS emphasizes the necessity of building foundational understanding in reading, spelling, comprehension, and mathematics. In addition, students utilize laptop technology to introduce proper keyboarding skills and expose them to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Laptop usage

Science related activity

Math drill/flashcards


Middle School

Continued development of godly character is emphasized in the middle school years at TCS. These transitional years, however, are where we seek to move biblical principles from knowledge to application. Whether through a study in biblical character or helping students develop a closer relationship with their Savior our goal is to see students begin to incorporate biblical truth and exercise themselves unto good works.

At TCS we seek to build upon the foundational concepts of the elementary years while preparing students for successful integration into a comprehensive high school program. Caring, Christ like teachers prepare students through a rigorous curriculum and quality teaching to ensure they are well prepared to embrace learning on the upper level. Chorus, reading, and technology continue to be a part of the middle school curriculum alongside core subject areas taught from a biblical perspective.

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Middle School keyboarding

Middle school chorus


High School

At TCS we strive to provide an education that will prepare your child academically, socially and spiritually to stand in our culture and make an impact for Christ. Believing that their Creator gives every student particular skills, our goal is to sharpen those skills, while developing hidden abilities, to see them exit TCS a well-­‐rounded individual, competent to lead and engage our world for Christ.

Academic expectations are beyond simple graduation requirements or technical training, yet focus on the importance of a broad exposure for greater effectiveness. A biblical framework and Christ like examples as teachers, serve to move students from knowledge of biblical content to defense of their faith and prepare them for the collegiate setting.

Lab Sciences in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are required as well as classes in computer technology and the fine arts. Students are encouraged to participate in athletics, choral productions, and other extracurricular activities and are also encouraged to seek out opportunities for service within our community. Testing and career guidance are provided from a biblical perspective to assist students in using to the highest capacity their God given abilities. At TCS our desire is to see students graduate that, like Daniel, can stand in the presence of kings and impact our world for Christ.

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Microsoft Office Applications

Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other applications.


Electronics, Speech.




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Trinity Music Academy

Trinity Music Academy offers TCS students the opportunity to take music lessons in a variety of instruments from trained professionals.

For more information, please visit the 

Trinity Music Academy Website.

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