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"Athletics is an important facet of the educational experience at TCS. Scripture commands us to do everything to the best of our ability (Col. 3:23) for God's glory (1 Cor. 10:31) - this includes sports.


Athletic competition provides a venue for students to grow spiritually. The rigors of sports naturally cause strengths to be highlighted and weaknesses to be exposed. These revelations occur not only in areas of athletic ability but also in areas of character and leadership. As this occurs, opportunities for instruction and improvement can be seized and young people can be encouraged to improve in areas of individual/team talent, positive habits, and Christ honoring attitudes and actions. Every Coach is a teacher, and every Christian Coach must understand that he has an incredible opportunity to make disciples. We are blessed to have a coaching staff that seizes opportunities to teach spiritual and life lessons through athletics.

Sports and recreational activities also provide a platform for us to share our faith – they are natural relationship builders. Our sports program can quickly and effectively build bridges into our community and therefore, TCS seeks to provide outlets for our athletes to enter our community for the purpose of gospel advancement.

Athletics are not merely an addition to our program; they are designed to expand the Kingdom of God through both discipleship and outreach. So whether our athletes are on the field, in the gym, or simply in the arena of life, they are encouraged to “Play, with purpose” (1 Cor. 9:24-27a) – this is how God is glorified, lives are impacted, and the gospel is proclaimed through the athletic program at TCS."

Description of TCS Sports:


TCS offers soccer for middle school students as part of local recreational organization.

Sports Include:

  • Boys soccer and girls volleyball in the Fall.

  • Boys and girls basketball in the Winter.

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