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Peter Flint - Class of 1989

Biology & Bioethics instructor
Southwest Christian High School
Chaska, MN

I serve as a Biology and Bioethics instructor at Southwest Christian High School in Chaska, MN. While I enjoy teaching scientific principles, I really enjoy engaging in conversation with students as it relates to science, origins, and ethics. SWCHS is a premier school where students are exposed to a variety of philosophies designed to challenge and thereby strengthen their faith in Christ. I find this environment refreshing as we desire to seek, to know and to live the truth. 

TCS teachers helped in preparing me for this role as they showed the importance of teachers interacting with students both relationally and spiritually. As a high school student my instructors challenged me academically, while also encouraging me to grow spiritually in my walk with Christ. I am able to continue that model with my students and see success to that end.

Julianna Smith - Class of 2015

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Woodstock, Virginia

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Woodstock, Virginia. As a pediatric therapist, I help children who have mobility difficulties, which, in short, means I get to play all day long! Physical therapists take a holistic approach to each patient in order to assess how best to reach the patient’s mobility goals, whether the limitation is musculoskeletal, visual, vestibular, or neurological in nature. Whether my patient is a 10 year old with cerebral palsy or a 3 month old baby with torticollis, I use motivational factors and fun interventions to help each patient achieve developmental milestones or mobility goals. 


When I am not working, I participate in a variety of activities including hiking through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, singing and playing piano with my church’s worship team, and coaching adaptive sports in the community. The other day, one of my friends from the gym came to church and saw me singing on stage, and asked me, “what can’t you do!” It reminded me of the well-rounded upbringing I had at Trinity Christian School that allowed me to try many activities and develop interests, both inside and outside of the classroom, including music, physical fitness, intellectual stimulation, and most importantly, serving others through my gifts. TCS offered me an environment for spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth that I continue to pursue within my current community.

Nathanael Gentilhomme

Class of 2002 


United States Navy

About twenty-seven years ago, my sister and I transferred from a little public elementary school in Pembroke, NH to Trinity Christian School in Concord, NH. Although I was only seven or eight at the time, I remember not wanting to leave my old school and old friends and transfer to a small, unfamiliar Christian school. Little did I realize that at this small, unfamiliar Christian school, God would mould me and shape me in ways I could never imagine in order to equip me to serve Him in full-time vocational ministry as a United States Navy Chaplain.


A majority of my chaplain ministry has included ministry by walking around (MBWA), or what we call “deck-plate ministry.” Whether on the ship’s bridge, leading evening prayer over the 1MC, or hundreds of feet below the ocean on a fast attack submarine, God has used me to disciple believers and evangelize the lost in places not accessible to civilian pastors and missionaries.


TCS uniquely equipped me with a solid grasp of public speaking, preaching, science as it relates to the Bible, athletics, and fine arts, to name a few. The teachers of TCS were tireless and relentless in their effort to educate me to be the most successful at my academic and spiritual pursuits possible. Whether in the classroom, on the soccer field, or practicing for the high-school play, we were taught to “do all to the glory of God”  (I Corinthians 10:31).


Not only did the teachers love the subjects they taught, but it was clear they had a genuine love for God and for the students. By the time I got to college, I was more than prepared for the spiritual and academic challenges before me. Besides the huge impact the teachers made on my life, I also developed life-long, edifying Christian friendships, some of which I maintain till this day. Overall, the years I spent as a student of Trinity Christian School from 3rd through 12th Grade proved to be some of the best years of my life. Thank you TCS for making such a tremendous impact on me for life and eternity!

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