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Biology & Bioethics instructor
Southwest Christian High School
Chaska, MN

I serve as a Biology and Bioethics instructor at Southwest Christian High School in Chaska, MN. While I enjoy teaching scientific principles, I really enjoy engaging in conversation with students as it relates to science, origins, and ethics. SWCHS is a premier school where students are exposed to a variety of philosophies designed to challenge and thereby strengthen their faith in Christ. I find this environment refreshing as we desire to seek, to know and to live the truth. My older two children, Katie and Ethan attend SWHCS with me and have me as one of their science teachers.

TCS helped in preparing me for this role as they showed the importance of teachers interacting with students both relationally and spiritually. As a high school student my instructors challenged me academically while also encouraging me to grow spiritually in my walk with Christ. I am able to continue that model with my students and see success to that end.

MATT KLAIBER - Class of 2007

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Assurance Services, Ernst & Young
Atlanta, GA, USA

Audit committees, stakeholders and investors in the Atlanta area rely on the financial information published by the City’s private and public companies. As a member of our assurance practice at Ernst & Young Atlanta, my team and I provide a clear perspective and transparency to these parties so they can have confidence that their investment in these companies is being properly published.

I have been living in Atlanta for three years and have enjoyed the southern hospitality I've received down here. When not working, I've enjoyed spending time with friends and becoming involved in my local church.

TCS provided me with a solid academic and spiritual foundation. Academically, with the knowledge of how to excel at college, and spiritually with the knowledge of how to apply God’s Word in practical situations as a young adult.

Thank you TCS!


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Young Adults Pastor
Colonial Hills Baptist Church • Indianapolis, IN

I have served as the Young Adults Pastor at Colonial Hills Baptist Church for over three years now. In this role, my primary oversight has been for singles ages 18 to 30 in our “Single Focus” ministry. It has been our joy to “connect, grow, and serve” with these young adult singles as we “find and follow Jesus” together. Two years ago, we also established a partner ministry on the campus of IUPUI (30,000 students) through Cross Impact, an organization that seeks to “take the cross of Christ to the campus.” What a privilege it has been to engage in fruitful gospel ministry on a vast and needy campus that is ripe for harvest! In these young adult ministries, the Lord continues to magnify His glory by drawing people to Himself in salvation and discipleship, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it in this city. In addition to these and many other roles at Colonial, my wife and I enjoy exploring the Indianapolis area and being parents to our 1-year-old son, Cayden, whose brother is coming in mid-October.

I have often remarked with all sincerity that I would give almost anything to enjoy another week of high school at TCS. I absolutely loved my years at TCS, and they were tremendously formative for me. I fondly remember and appreciate every aspect — the academics were excellent, the athletics were competitive, friendships were encouraging, opportunities were enlarging, chapel was stirring, the spirit was enthusiastic — every dimension was purposeful, excellent, beneficial, and fun. But, by far, one area stands out among the rest, and it was the personnel. My life bears the marks of influence from so many who taught me, coached me, laughed with me, shared life with me, mentored me, disciplined me, challenged me, loved me, and exemplified for me what a joyful follower of Jesus looks like. As Jesus grew into adulthood, He “increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). While the stature part is debatable, God used TCS to eternally impact my life in every area that matters, and it’s a blessing for me to have this brief opportunity to stay “thank you”!


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Physical Science & Chemistry Teacher
Nashua High School

I graduated from Trinity Christian School in 1998 with the desire to become a science teacher. God granted that desire and I am starting my twelfth year of teaching. I currently teach Physical Science and Chemistry at Nashua High School South in

Nashua, NH. I always loved teaching, but never knew I could find so much joy in teaching science and working with teens. I am also pursuing my doctorate in educational leadership. I regularly volunteer at Care Net Crisis Pregnancy Center and serve at Trinity Baptist Church in the choir, orchestra, and life groups.

TCS had a lasting impact on my life. I left TCS well prepared for the rigors of college, but the academics were only a small part of what TCS provided for me. The teachers cared about me as a person. They took time to get to know me, and helped me find my talents and the path God had for me. They were my teachers, coaches, mentors and spiritual advisors. Their impact in my life continued into adulthood, as I had the great privilege of teaching alongside several of them. Much of what I do today as a teacher is due to the influence of those teachers. I know they spent countless hours preparing for classes, teaching, praying, and mentoring. I will always be grateful for the years I spent at TCS, and how God molded me through the teachers who poured themselves into my life.
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