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    Mike Kingsley
    Administrator, Secondary Math

    BS – Math Education, Pensacola Christian College
    MS – Educational Administration, Pensacola Christian College

  • Tori Camp
    Elementary and Middle School Principal

    BS – Education, Bob Jones University

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    Ruth Smith

    BS – Elementary Education, Gordon College

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    Joy Fry
    Grade 1

    BS - Elementary Education, Bob Jones University

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    Sarah Palmer
    Grade 2

    BA – Elementary Education, University of Vermont

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    Julie Ferro
    Grade 3

    BS - Early Childhood Education, Wheelock College

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    Julia Philbrick
    Grade 4

    BS – Elementary Education, Pensacola Christian College

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    Cherish Principe
    Grade 5

    Bachelor of Christian Education, Ambassador Baptist College

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    Tanya Ohman
    Grade 6

    BS - Elementary Education, Bob Jones University

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    Tammy Feindel
    Secondary Science

    BS - Biology Education, Bob Jones University

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    Stacie Forehand
    Elementary Music; MS and HS Hand Bells

    BS - Elementary Education, Pensacola Christian College

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    Pastor Kyle Harding

    Bachelor of Music - Bob Jones University
    Master of Music - Bob Jones University

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    Patti Hayes
    Administrative Assistance

    BS - Interdisciplinary Studies, Texas A&M

    MS - Education, Texas A&M

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    Lisa Hunt
    Elementary and Middle School Art

    BFA - Jewelry/metals, UMASS Dartmouth

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    Kevin Kelso
    Secondary Speech, History, and English

    BA - Pre-Law, Pensacola Christian College
    MBA – Pensacola Christian College

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    Pastor Ben Lamphere
    Grades 11 and 12 Bible

    BA – Biblical Studies, Northland International University

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    Joanne Lowe
    Secondary Math

    BS - Mathematics Education, Plymouth State University

    MS - Education, University of New England

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    Linda Oxford
    PE and Art

    BS - Business Administration, University of New Hampshire
    BFA - Industrial Design, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

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    John Porter
    Guidance Counselor

    BS – Animal Science, University of New Hampshire
    MS - Animal Nutrition, Cornell University
    MS – Educational Administration, Bob Jones University

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    Charissa Rogers
    Middle School English; Educational Consultant

    BA - English, Gordon College

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    Heather Osborne Secondary Art

    BA - Fine Arts, Messiah College

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    Jeff Smith
    Secondary English and History

    BS - English, Gordon College

    MS - History Education, Bob Jones University

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    Rhonae Stodola
    Consumer Science; Office Assistant; Girls' Basketball Coach

    BS - Home Economics Education, Pensacola Christian College

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    Dot Swauger
    School Nurse

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