We are a regionally accredited college preparatory institution aimed at providing a quality academic program in a rich spiritual environment. Preschool, Grades K - 12.
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    Strong emphasis on literacy and mathematics
    The building blocks of a quality education.
  • Personalized curriculum
    Personalizing our student's rigorous and challenging curriculum helps ensure their success.
  • Measured progress
    Nationally recognized testing - grades K-9.
  • College prep testing
    High School students are fully prepared through PLAN, ACT and SAT testing.
  • Quality Staff
    We select only the most dynamic and competent teachers for our staff.


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  • Chorus
  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Computer Applications
TCS has invested in laptop technology that is of benefit to all students K-­12. Through implementation of Mac laptops and the Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) platform we have seen our students become proficient at using computers. A wireless campus, with careful filtering for content, ensures our students have the latest technology with the necessary protection.

Technology is structured around quality instruction that demonstrates itself in students using computers as tools, not toys. Time, usage, and function are carefully monitored by teachers to ensure quality technology is available, but also carefully utilized.
In grades Kindergarten to ninth students are required to undergo the Stanford Achievement Test battery and the Otis Lennon School Ability test. These allow us to appropriately evaluate our student’s academic progress as their relationship to national standards. We believe there is a great benefit in the utilization of a national, norm-­referenced achievement test for determining student strengths, weaknesses and overall progress. Stanford has been the standard for this type of testing for over 80 years and we have found them valuable.

In grade 10 TCS students undergo the PLAN in preparation for taking the ACT test their junior and senior year and as a requirement for graduation students must sit for the ACT or SAT exam prior to graduating. TCS students perform at average to above average each year on these assessments. We are confident that our students are well prepared and competent academically as indicated in comparison to students across our nation.
Trinity Christian School is regionally accredited under the NEASC Commission for Independent Schools. We recognize the value of a comprehensive peer review process aimed at improving the school, and the accountability that is afforded through the NEASC. In 2007 TCS sought accreditation through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and gained that accreditation in 2010. Those interested may view a copy of the self-­study, as well as the NEASC visiting committee’s response to the self-­study. We continue to hold to the benefit of peer evaluation in the accreditation process and maintain our relationship with the NEASC as they encourage the accreditation process in the New England area.

TCS utilized 15 Standards developed by the NEASC to evaluate the school and its mission in relation to those standards. As a result of the accreditation process we have isolated areas needing improvement in the upcoming years, and are working diligently to that end.

Most recently TCS has addressed recommendations on improving technology, longitudinal assessment, and increasing academic expectations. These were articulated in our two-­year report to the NEASC. TCS staff serve annually on NEASC school evaluation teams at schools across New England.